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The 10 Commandments of Coworking

Mis à jour : 13 nov. 2018

Coworking is getting more and more popular everyday and this is principally explained by the numerous benefits it leads to:

  • Homeworking is no longer on the agenda, go meet other freelancers ready to share their space and ideas!

  • Easy, flexible, and approachable! Coworking works with no obligation and is open 24/7.

  • You will finally be able save and focus your budget on other projects.

  • Coworking is a good way to meet people, both personally and professionally: expand your network!

  • The gathering of creative people boosts both inspiration and innovation. You could even conduct projects with several of your coworkers that will add their expertise to yours.

So many reasons will make you want to adopt coworking.

However, embark on coworking requires to follow a few rules and accept the rules of this trendy game as well.

For you, we elaborate the 10 commandments essential to working not to forget!

  1. Meet your coworkers and introduce yourself: Don’t forget that other workers seek the same thing as you! Go to your network events and get closer to your “colleagues”!

  2. Keep an open mind and get ready to collaborate: Accept every good idea, positively collect helpful critiques, remain curious, and don’t forget to ask questions to other workers.

  3. Share your ideas and creativity: You will benefit from it one day or another. Don’t forget that creativity is terribly contagious, if everybody agrees to contribute, everybody wins.

  4. Establish a community at first glance: Respect, support, and listen to your coworkers so that the space harmoniously evolves and that the atmosphere remains friendly.

  5. Follow the general rules of communal life at the coworking space: Do the cleaning when it’s your turn, clean your desk, don’t smoke in public spaces etc. A well-structured work setting, where everyone has his or her place is essential to the proper functioning of coworking. If you all follow the rules, there’s nothing to worry about!

  • Use coworking to expand and diversify your network: Make your own network accessible to your coworkers, by recommending them if necessary, and benefit from it later.

  1. Keep your desk in order so that the shared space welcoming and warm: Choose colors that will optimize your concentration and that will render your common work space a welcoming and warm place (link to Manon’s article).

  2. Remember that you decided to go for coworking to optimize your work: Neither be distracted by nor a distraction for you colleagues. Achieve your objectives and make coworking an efficient tool, avoiding all forms of entertainments that you were trying to escape from at first glance when at work.

  3. Reasonably use common resources: Another advantage of coworking for freelancers is to have access to the necessary equipment and material. In order for this system to function, you must respect the needs of each person and not abuse it.

  4. Benefit from the advice of more experienced entrepreneurs: Make sure you do not make the same beginner’s mistakes that coworking pioneers wished to avoid in the first place.

These 10 commandments demonstrate it, coworking needs to be based on trust, sharing, curiosity, and open-mindedness in order to properly function. Numerous spaces have opened during the last years all over the world and keep proving their worth in terms of efficiency and well-being at work.

If you also wish to enjoy the benefits of coworking, or if you are already a member of one them, give us your impressions! What has coworking changed in your professional life? Or, what do you expect from coworking?

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