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7 Reasons Why Startups Should Choose Coworking

Mis à jour : 13 nov. 2018

Coworking has been created mainly for freelancers and entrepreneurs in order to gather both resources and talents in one place. The concept of coworking seems particularly interesting and attractive to young entrepreneurs and startups. Indeed, startups often lack funding and might opt for coworking for financial reasons. Or, new entrepreneurs might be looking for partners and coworking could be a real goldmine to them! Yes, coworking is about reinventing communities of similar interest, but also filling people’s social needs, personally and especially professionally. However, there are other noteworthy aspects startups should take into account and that will certainly convince them to adopt coworking because it seems like THE perfect solution to their needs.

We highlight 7 reasons for startups to choose coworking for their own benefit. Yes, coworking offers immeasurable amounts of value for new businesses.

  1. Help: coworking gathers people from different professional backgrounds to one place. Therefore, newbies (or newcomers) get the opportunity to use others’ knowledge, experience, and expertise when they want to. They only need to ask! This is one of the most valuable aspects of coworking because it makes people save a lot of time when looking for answers.

  2. The collection of professionals: coworking brings freelancers together and allows easier collaboration. Most importantly, this is a perfect opportunity for startups to make valuable connections and expand their network! People joining coworking are generally more inclined to recommend you or to share their contacts with others. As startups, this is an opportunity that is nowhere else to be found. In traditional companies, people share but competition is always in the air.

  3. Creativity and Productivity: in coworking spaces, there are people everywhere working, creating, or strategizing around. This represents the peak of creativity: ideas start flowing. Also, seeing people working hard around you will encourage you to do so. As young entrepreneurs, everything still needs to be done. So, coworking will, with no doubt, bring the necessary motivation to you.

  4. Flexibility: coworking spaces are open 24/7 and do not require any form of firm engagement from you. Therefore, you can go work whenever you want, with whomever you want. Also, the simplicity of the whole process makes it even easier for startups to accommodate their change of team size.

  5. Saving time: coworking also makes it easier to hire people and find the suited partners to your project as a new entrepreneur. Other coworkers might recommend you their interns or even give you a hand sometimes. Also, you will not have to worry about the rent or other administrative paperwork that could potentially distract you from working regularly.

  6. Collaboration: ease off on the pressure and the stress of starting a new business by choosing coworking. Collaborate with your new colleagues, ask for help and discover a new way to work! How it is conducted and rewarded changes tremendously from traditional work manners. But, don’t worry, it will not be difficult to get used to coworking. On the contrary, all the advantages it carries make your adaptation very quick.

  7. Alone or in a team: another nice aspect of coworking is the possibility to experience both individual and teamwork. You can decide to work on your own at one moment and change your mind a minute after! That is the genius of coworking. Most people are ready to share and work together, just ask! This might be a good introduction to teamwork for startups. You could learn a lot from it (from organisational skills, leadership, to patience).

Those 7 reasons prove that coworking and startups easily go hand in hand. Startups often need a little help to boost their productivity and launch properly.

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