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5 Things to do in Moncton

Moncton is often underestimated by tourists (and even some locals). However, the city is considered New Brunswick’s hidden gem, since it has so much to offer! If you are looking for a night out to unwind after a hard day at work or a unique activity for the weekend, you will end up satisfied by the great variety of things to do in Moncton. Here’s a list of activities you do not want to miss!

Hopewell Rocks

The Hopewell Rocks is a real treasure for every outdoor lovers. Considered one of New Brunswick’s best attractions, this park gives hikers an opportunity to be surrounded by a unique landscape. Located less than an hour away from Moncton, in the heart of the Fundy Bay, you will enjoy great walking trails at Hopewell Rocks, including paths towards the ocean passing by tide-sculpted pillars. Even if the park is self directed, you can still find staff in key locations. All you need for a great time with friends and family!

Magnetic Hill Winery

Longing for a good glass of wine? Since 2007, Magnetic Hill Winery offers a great variety of Canadian wines. Made from local fruits like grapes, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries and apples, you can taste up to 16 different products, offering a singular oenologic experience. For example, Illusion is a 100% rhubarb wine that resembles Pinot Gris taste. In the end, whether you are a connoisseur or an occasional drinker, enjoy an afternoon at Magnetic Hill Winery for a moment of discoveries.

Moncton Museum

Located in Resurgo Place, Moncton Museum shares the town’s story through unique artefacts and pictures, witnessing crucial historical moments such as the Deportation of Acadians in the Heritage Collection. Discover about your ancestors in the museum’s impressive archives collection, which can be consulted on appointment. A must for anyone wishing to get to know more about Moncton.

Parlee Beach Provincial Park

Not everything Canadian has to be freezing cold. Proof : Parlee Beach Provincial Park’s waters can hit 20°C (68°F) in the summer. It is also famous for its soft sandy beach - one of the best across Canada’s Atlantic coast. Take the time to visit the nearby town, Shediac. There, you can walk around shops and galleries but most importantly, treat yourself to a world-renowned Shediac lobster. Plus, the beach is only 30 kilometers away from Moncton. Any reasons why you shouldn’t be going? We didn’t think so.

Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre is one of Moncton’s most important piece of history. Built in 1926, this theatre is one of a few fully-restored vaudeville theatres in Canada. As the heart of the region’s performing arts and an architectural masterpiece, The Capitol Theatre greets more than 80,000 people every year. In the upcoming weeks, a couple of artists and productions will take over the stage : The Celtic Tenors: A Celtic Tenors Christmas, Ron James: Full Throttle, Caroline Savoie and the timeless classic, The Nutcracker. If you want to visit a unique venue, take a look at The Capitol Theatre’s website.

As you can see, Moncton is full of unique attractions and events. Get out and discover New Brunswick’s traditions, culture and history! If you think life is too busy for that kind of stuff, you should check out the 10 Commandments of Coworking. After all, creating your own schedule gives you more freedom to enjoy life!

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