Our goal? To become a second home for mobile workers, by immersing them in a dynamic coworking space conducive to success.

At Impactory, we know how distractions related to working from home can affect productivity. Between the bed being a little too comfortable, the cat following you around or the background noise when you opt for coffee shop next door, it is easy to lose focus.

For those reasons, the idea came to us to create a workspace that combines comfort and total flexibility. Facilitating the sharing of knowledge while providing networking opportunities designed for startups , small businesses and self-employed professionals... from there Impactory was born!

Located in the heart of Moncton, this coworking space provides an environment both friendly and professional, promoting working, learning and sharing: the perfect synergy for small businesses or creative, administrative and cultural industry workers.



Our ideal tenant: a professional looking for a modern work environment, combining creativity, productivity and sharing. A tenant that is looking for a professional but fun atmosphere.



Impactory is way more than just some beautiful offices in a beautiful space. We have thought of everything, just sit down and do what you do best!



Equipped and economic workspaces, rich network, and collective working atmosphere, Impactory thinks of your profits first.

No more distractions while you enjoy a synergy combining motivation and learning

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with our very short-term rental.

Meet potential clients... who knows, they could be your office neighbors!

Forge a strong network of experts in various fields and evolve with it.



Any questions? Suggestions? Inquiries? Feel free to contact us at any time. See you soon!

TEL: (506) 800-2050  |  INFO@IMPACTORY.CA


TEL: (506) 800-2050   INFO@IMPACTORY.CA


524 St George Blvd

Moncton, NB, Canada

E1E 2B5

Thank you!